Call for papers: New practices and connections between science, technology and society: the relevance of the psychosocial contribution. 

Guest editors:
Nikos Kalampalikis (Univ. Lyon 2),
Martin Bauer (London School of Economics), 
Thémis Apostolidis (Aix-Marseille)

The present call for papers is about a major psychological, social and bioethical stake for our society, namely the role technology and science play in our habits, practices and daily values. The binomial of science and technology introduces more and more new systems of production, regulation and appropriation of knowledge and know-how by suggesting new rules and forms of diet (organic, medical food/nutraceuticals, GMO etc) at the crossroads of private and public health, research and nutrition, by making available new technologies of procreation (sperm/ovule donation, research on embryo) shaking up common codes of procreation and also through new ecological practices backed up by climate science (recycling, fuel, sustainable development etc) which alter our lifestyle. Diet habits, gender relations, bio-medical ethics, relation to nature, wish for a child, projection, transmission and identification within the family are re-defined, acquire new legal acceptance, upset language, disturb traditions and religious codes, foster political debates and mass fears, open a new era of societal representations. These novelties dictate mass practices and forge new thinking frames inviting social sciences – particularly social psychology – to question the relevance of their theoretical models and approaches with respect to their political, legal, psychological and societal dimensions. The aim of this thematic issue is to collect empirical research and theories allowing for illustration of the contribution of social psychology to these new societal challenges.

Call for papers